The range of treatment

Dear Colleagues

In my practice I offer the following treatment modalities, all conforming to international top standards and in accordance with evidence-based endodontics:

  • cone-beam computed tomography (Morita Accuitomo, small FOV,
    80µm resolution)
  • initial non-surgical endododontic therapy
  • post and build-up placed after endodontic therapy
  • therapy of previously root canal-treated teeth with persistent symptoms
  • non-surgical endodontic retreatment
  • localisation of canal orifices and preparation of calcified root canals
  • removal of fractured instruments, posts and silver cones
  • preforation repair
  • treatment of interal and external root resorption
  • trauma cases
  • pulp regeneration in cases of immature permanent teeth with pulpal
  • internal bleaching after root canal therapy
  • microsurgical apicoectomy with ultrasonically powered retrograde canal preparation and MTA seal
  • root amputation
  • surgical crown lengthening after endodontic therapy