Referral for Microsurgical Endodontic Treatment

Esteemed colleagues: 

As an experienced endodontist, I would like to offer my unique and specialized services to your patients for referral.  Your patients will receive treatment conducted with the highest international and professional standards based on current published scientific standards.  Should my recommendations for therapy not coincide with your wishes, I would be happy to suggest another colleague to you. 

Before each treatment, there is an informative discussion with me and your patient in my office.  With every planned microsurgical intervention, there is a separate consultation, and your patients are treated singularly and exclusively as part of the referral process.  After a successful treatment, your patients are send immediately back to you for further treatment, along with a detailed surgical report, radiographs, intra-oral photos, and recall information sent to you either electronically or by regular mail.  I thank you in advance for your confidence in me and look forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration.